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Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.

From this Point onwards Senzara Life Care Pvt. Ltd. will be reffereds as “Senzara” and Registered Member as “Consultant” Senzara is a company that deal in consumer and farm product and uses online offline method of sales marketing and promotion. Consultant in a Direct Salting agent who promote and sale different company product which ever he/she likes. The following terms explain the way company “Senzara” and Consultant will conduct there Business and Compensation plan . The term and Condition for Business and Compensation plan (referred to there in as the “Agreement”) Such as may exist or hereafter be amended constitute the complete and being between Senzara and Consultant on failure of compliance with the provision of agreement will result in terms of the same.

1. Consultant is an independent entity and not bound to sell or promote Senzara product at all and hence will not claim any fix or variable salary.

2. Consultant will provide training Support and other support as Ledger to this team member.

3. Consultant will not misrepresent Senzara and its product and compensation plan.

4. Consultant will not sponsor or attempt to sponsor any Senzara Life Care distributor directly ro indirectly into other network marketing program or engage in deceptive or illegal practices.

5. Distributor understand and agree that he/ she is solely responsible for all financial and/or legal obligation s He/she incurs in the course of his/her bus-iness as a DISTRIBUTOR and will discharge all debts and duties as required of a DISTRIBUTOR.

6. Distributor understand that he/she may have only one distributor position in the worldwide platform regardless of the market.

7. A distributor will under no circumstances disparage or infringe up to the Senzara Life Care or reputation in connection with the market of Senzara Life Care product or misappropriate any confidential information or trade secrets (including distributor names and address lists) for use by the distributor personally or others.

8. All DISTRIBUTORS are authorized to the sell Senzara Life Care product and to participate in the Senzara Life Care Compensation plan. All Senzara Life Care DISTRIBUTORS may sponsor new DISTRIBUTORS in country officially opened by the company.

9. DISTRIBUTORS must be of legal age in their country or state of residence to operate as Senzara Life Care distributor.

10. Corporation, limited liability companies, partnership and /or trusts may become DISTRIBUTORS ONLY when notarized copies of the incorporation, articles of organisation, partnership agree or trusts document or other charter or organic document as filed with state or rganisation (with applicable) are submitted to the compliance Department.

11. The company reserve the right to change or ament without prior notice, partly or wholly, the Rules here in as and when it deems fit and necessary to so Update rules can be seen at Senzara Life Care official website i.e., www.senzaralife.com

12. The Company does not allow any transfer sale of the distributorship.

13. Only material approved by the Senzara Life Care may be used in the placement of advertising in any print, ratio, television, Internet, electronic or other media. No person shall use the Senzara Life Care names, logos, trademarks or copyrighted material in any advertising not produce by Senzara Life care or without expression written permission from the compliance Department of Senzara Life Care .

14. Violation of any of the Policies and procedures may be ground for suspension and/or termination of the individual’s distributorship, Senzara Life Care may withhold payment to any Distributor in an effort any offset any damages suffered by Senzara Life Care as the result of a distributor’s violation of the Application and Agreement of Distributorship, the Code of Professional Ethics, the Policies and Procedures of Senzara Life Care, or law.

15. To the extent allowed by law, Senzara Life Care and it’s affiliates, officers, directors, employees and other distributors shall not be liable for and each distributor hereby releases the foregoing from, and involve any claim for loss of profit, incident, special, consequential or exemplary demands, that may arise out of any claim whatsoever relating to Senzara Life Care performance, non-performance, act or omission with respect to the business relationship or other matter between the Distributor and Senzara Life Care whether in contact or strict liability.

16. All disputes and claims relating to Senzara Life Care, the Agreement, or its products, the rights and obligations of a distributor of Senzara Life Care. or any claims or causes of action relating to the performance of either a distributor or Senzara Life Care under the Agreement, and/or a distributor’s purchase of products shall be settled.